tee shirt This is a 50/50 solid black tee of excellent quality. The front features Leslie's artwork - of a Doberman head. In a half circle above the head, it says: To Preserve & Protect. To the left of the head, it says: INTEGRITY DIVERSITY RESPECT UNITY The picture we have of the shirt is not OF the shirt - it's of the artwork, taken from the computer mock up.

DPCA Service Mark Status

DPCA Service Mark

DPCA Original Articles

We are one

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Doberman Family

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ELECTION BALLOT -2014 Mailed August 20, NOT August 15.

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DPCA Position Statement Changes

Black Font: wording from 2013 DPCA Position Statements Red Font: additions from 2014 Revised Position Statements Yellow Highlighting: wording from 2013 Position Statements not captured in 2014 wording (Note: This includes wording that should have been omitted AND wording members may want to keep.)

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