Letter from Edwina Talley

Dear DPCA Members and Friends:

I want to thank you for your comments about my statement. I
have the right to express my opinion even though it is not using legal
terminology. I am not a lawyer.

The legal settlement will be put on Pacer when the court
recorder is finished and you may view it there. For now,
I’ve shared the

Discovery of emails showing everyone who was complicit in
the creation and distribution of the postcard.

The rest of it you will be able to read for yourself in due
time exactly what happened when it is published by the court.


tee shirt This is a 50/50 solid black tee of excellent quality. The front features Leslie's artwork - of a Doberman head. In a half circle above the head, it says: To Preserve & Protect. To the left of the head, it says: INTEGRITY DIVERSITY RESPECT UNITY The picture we have of the shirt is not OF the shirt - it's of the artwork, taken from the computer mock up.

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