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We are one

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Doberman Family

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ELECTION BALLOT -2014 Mailed August 20, NOT August 15.

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DPCA Position Statement Changes

Black Font: wording from 2013 DPCA Position Statements Red Font: additions from 2014 Revised Position Statements Yellow Highlighting: wording from 2013 Position Statements not captured in 2014 wording (Note: This includes wording that should have been omitted AND wording members may want to keep.)

DPCA Logo Contest #20


Hi List:

This will serve as a follow up to my original post to CD on March 24, explaining my experience with the DPCA and the creation of the 2014 National logo. (Included below in full). Because of the support and encouragement I received from many of you and many questions asking what happened, I feel compelled to share with everyone how the situation was finally resolved. Maybe the lesson here is one we will all find beneficial.

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